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BCTS Fluid liner bags allow you to ship and seamlessly discharge hard flowing products, like Cement for transport.

Fluid Liners

Bulk Commodity Transfer Solutions specialise in Eceplast’s fluidising liner bag system for 20` and 40` shipping containers. Made of multi-layers of co-extruded (polyethylene) LDPE and LLDPE films with high puncture resistance and mechanical properties, these Eceplast liner bags guarantee maximum safety and zero contamination for bulk goods transport.

The fluidising liners have been designed to enable a precise quantity of air to be blown, at a certain pressure, from the bottom of the liner. This breaks the natural bridges hard to flow materials create, making it easy to move and discharge the product with now residue left.


Loading systems

Discharge systems

Fluid linerbags are equipped with specifically designed air funnels, that once inflated with the appropriate level of air, allow easy discharge of products. Ancillary technical discharge equipment demonstrations are provided.

Gravimetrically loaded containers have a triangular discharge pout with a rotary valve.

Extra system features

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