Containerisation is the future.

Improving the transportation of hard to flow materials with innovative packaging technology. Making it easier to transport cement and other bulk dry goods products by land or sea.

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Logistics innovation for hard to flow materials.

Improving supply chain processes and increasing industry sustainability by providing fluidising container liner solutions.

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Bulk Commodity Transfer Solutions (BCTS) offer efficient and sustainable shipping container liner systems for transport and storage of hard flowing materials. BCTS is the dedicated Australian importer and distributer of Eceplast fluidising container liners, where supply chain sustainability and packaging innovation for the industry is the primary focus.

Containerisation is making the logistics of transporting dry bulk goods more cost effective and safer. Our fluid liners enable the shipment and full discharge of bulk products with zero waste from start to finish and we are committed to our environmental responsibility by improving the sustainability of the transport and logistics of various materials.

BCTS provides container liner and decanting demonstrations to the Australian market with Eceplast products – designed and manufactured in Europe for the past 20 years. From over 200 different liner models, the fluidising liner BCTS specialise in is significantly more cost effective than alternative transport solutions, reducing logistic costs by replying on Eceplast’s highly automated and efficient processes. Each liner is reinforced with specifically designed woven fabric raffia and secured by an innovative and patented retention system. The liners come with ISO and FDA certifications and ensure the upmost safety of workers during the loading and unloading processes.

View our specialist services to learn more about our rear door and top loading fluid liner solutions.

Liner Bags

BCTS fluidising liners allow shipping and seamless discharge hard flowing products, like Cement.

Install Training

Each systems comes with in depth specialist liner install, filling and decanting training.


Our specialist decanting equipment combines blower and pumping systems to ensure full discharge.

Field Equipment Demos

We work with you to determine the optimal equipment to handle your products.

24/7 Support

Our team is here for you, whenever you need us.

As a small family run company located in Geelong, Victoria, BCTS are the sole Australian importers of Eceplast fluidising container liner products and solutions. With a working history in both liquid and dry bulk product distribution over the past 40 years, and 70 years combined experience in bulker bag decanting, transfer to Pneumatic tank containers and ultimate delivery to customers, we are equipped to focus on understanding your needs.

As we come to understand your product and transport needs, we work with logistics providers to better meet product requirements, suggesting appropriate liner alterations on a per product basis. Whether that is an extra layer of nitrogen for salt transport or low density air for cement products – we can create a solution to improve your transport process.

Established in Italy in 1995, Eceplast is a world class industrial packaging manufacturer. Focusing on packaging and logistics innovation for dry bulk goods transport, Eceplast mainly serves the logistics industry for chemicals, food and automotive supply chains. Eceplast offers environmentally friendly products that remain economically competitive and are committed to their sustainable development goals, aiming for their manufacturing process to produce zero waste and be 100% fuelled by green energy, amongst others, by 2030.

Bulk Commodity Transfer Solutions are the dedicated Australian Distributors of Eceplast Fluidising Container Liners.

Working directly with transport companies, importers and distributers of dry bulk goods, we evaluate how your established customers current product handling process could be improved with an Eceplast fluidising liner system. If the improvements to your product life cycle are substantial, BCTS will organise a demonstration of the container liner system as well as a field trial of the equipment infrastructure required at ports.

More project details will be coming soon.

With over 100 million ton of hard flowing materials, like Cement, being distributed by sea, it is wonderful logistics innovations, like containerisation, that allow companies to broaden their export regions. Even though the commodity cost of these products is low, transport costs can also now be kept at a minimum with Eceplast liner solutions as the reliance on advanced terminal infrastructure is reduced. Containerisation is the future.